Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Montage Populaire...

A collage of sound and influence with plenty of hooks .... I have had them on repeat ... The Southampton six have a nice selection of DEMOS with the most notable influence's for me being early Blur mixed with an English vampire weekend!

I'm yet to see them live, but its still early days and I will be sure to catch them before the years out... And if the demos are anything to go by, these guys will be snapped up pretty quickish!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Get This!... You heard it hear first!


It's been a while since I have put something new and exciting on the blog, and that's because it's been a while since anything new and exciting came my way. That all changed when I heard Get People... Finally something new for my ears that sounds fresh and exciting!
And this is brand new, with the Myspace only going live a few days ago!

The band is a 3 piece from East London.... Except they don't sound like everything that has come out of East London in the last 2 years!

Odyssey, the 2nd track on their Myspace sounds like a tropical Ace of Base.... Yes, Ace of Base, and don't pretend you don't like Ace of Base, we all loved 'um!

And the rest of their tracks on their Myspace create a magical summer atmosphere!
I'm sure you will have them on repeat, just like I have!

For fans of The XX, Is Tropical, Ace Of Base, Tribal and Tropical Vibes.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

2010... The year of men ?

So it was said that 2009 was the year of females..... Is 2010 going to be the year of men ?
By looking at the end of year lists and predictions for 2010 it would appear that men are taking back the musical throne.... So here's a few that i think are going to be big in 2010....

Wild Palms -
Is Tropical
Gold Blood

Monday, 14 December 2009

Under superstition ?

A.K.A Discos mash up of Ellie Goulding and Stevie Wonder is A.K.A Ace !!!

Listen and Download here -

Ellie Goulding/ Stevie Wonder - A.K.A DISCO - Under Superstition Mash-up??

Monday, 7 December 2009

It shouldn't work - but this is Gold !


Gold blood is- collaboration between PhD student Emile Bojesen and keyboard enthusiast Michael Anthony Wright - Well so there Muxtape says!

These 2 have managed to fuse what at some moments comes across as hardcore spoken poetic style vocals with synthy and somewhat 80's musical styling, but don't get me wrong they are nothing like that 80's synth crap that's been filling the airwaves for far to long!
Far from it, Gold Blood are a mix of hardcore, punk, classic pop form, rock and experimental electronics!!! On paper it shouldn't work, but it does......Brilliantly !

Songs like Well City, start with a dreamy, eerie introduction and then Emile's rock vocal bring it into a catchy chorus. Then there's "Another World" which comes across as the most accessible track, the song seems influenced by the best bits of the 80's but has been given a new and unique twist! Its a song I could put on repeat...

My Favorite track on the Human Shield E.P is Hair - Seems to be the bands most experimental track - industrial sounds with hunted drawn out vocals - makes for uneasy easy listening !

Looking forward to seeing them live -

16th 8pm Headphones off @ Catch London
18th 11pm World Unknown @ Secret Brixton Venue London

Sunday, 29 November 2009




Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Sister ... Sisters!

Bright beach roof

Tipped by Brooklyn Vegan as a band to watch, Sisters tick all the right boxes for me!....The Brooklyn 2 Piece who I'm sure have been compared to most of the Lo-fi bands that have managed to slither onto most Blogs this year...Like Wavves...No Age...etc etc!

For Me though the band are a little different and The New Yorker was spot on when it said "Sisters pull 90s Rock into the 21st Century"